Causes of Hair Loss

All kinds of people lose their hair for all sorts of reason. That’s just life. However, if you’re one of those people who isn’t going to put up with it, you have plenty of options. An option that does great for one person, may be the best solution for you like those found on

So, the best advice to give, someone who is looking for an answer, is to research. Research takes time, yes, but at least in the end, you will most likely be satisfied with the result. Gathering information, prior to making a decision, will decrease the chances of unexpected results.

It is a good start to find out why you are losing hair. Is it due to age? Or is it due to disease or stress? Or could it be because of lack of proper care, eating habits etc. After an examination with a professional that deals specifically with hair lose, you will have more answers. The answer may be what you think. It could be that your hair thinning is hereditary and regardless of the care given, the thinning will increase as time goes by.

Steps to Prevent Hair Loss

After a thorough background of why you are losing your hair is done, now it is time to decide on what steps to take to stop it. If the hair has just begun to thin, an expert may suggest a hair loss shampoo. A hair loss shampoo has many different hair growth ingredients or in other cases vitamins may be suggested, or perhaps a hair restoration process.

But then it will have to be decided what kind of shampoo, vitamins, or hair restoration process? Perhaps a fue hair transplant? But then it will have to be explained to you, what is a fue hair transplant?

Thinning Hair Treatments

Types of Treatments for Thinning Hair

So let’s start with hair loss shampoos, this is usually the option for hair that has just started to thin. In many hair loss shampoos there is an agent called a DHT blocking agent. It is suggested by certain professionals that by blocking DHT with ingredients such as ketoconazole, that the hair will stop thinning.

Is is known that DHT enables and promotes the shrinking of follicles, causing the loss. Another ingredient that may be found in a hair loss shampoo is biotin. Biotin is considered to promote hair growth. Biotin has been a major ingredient in many clinical studies.

A hair loss shampoo also, will contain plant extracts and oils. All of which are considered to stop hair thinning and promote growth. It is always good to get some advice from an expert, to see what they think about the hair loss shampoo. Some shampoos may be authentic, while others may be a gimmick, the same goes for hair supplements. Many hair supplements may contain niacin and Vitamin C for hair loss. While others contains Zinc and Iron for hair and scalp nourishment.

Hair Restoration Process

As for the hair restoration process, it is becoming more and more popular as many men strive to keep their hair. Singapore is considered to be a hot spot for many people who are looking for a hair doctor that practices in surgery. The hair restoration process is a huge step. It will require the time and patience of the individual.

In Singapore hair surgery is taken seriously, and their hair doctors stand behind there work. Here are a few questions the doctor in Singapore may ask the patient, prior to choosing a surgery method.

a. What is your lifestyle?
b. How fast are you losing your hair?
c. How severe is the hair loss?

These questions are important. When it comes to the lifestyle, the doctor may strongly suggest a reduction in your level of stress. Sometimes stress reduction can slow down or completely stop hair thinning. In cases like this, stress is the main contributing factor of hair loss.

When looking at ‘how fast the hair is being lost’, a Singapore doctor will consider if the hair being lost, is in one area. This will be looked at and the doctor will come up with a targeted solution for that particular area. When it comes to the severity of the hair loss, the doctor may thoroughly examine the scalp for disease or scalp infections.

FUE Hair Transplant

When it comes to a hair restoration process, this can be done in various ways. One type of hair transplant is called fue hair transplant. This hair restoration process requires hair follicles to be removed by a special device, out of one area of the individual. Afterwards, the tiny hair follicles are gathered and put in a unique sterile dish.

Next, the fue hair transplant requires another area on the patient’s head to be cleared. The area is cleared by using the same steps of removing the hair follicles. This area is where the healthy hair follicles will go. The fue hair transplant process will then require that the healthy follicles be surgically placed into the area that was emptied.

Surgeons that perform the fue hair transplant process must be precise. Since this procedure depends on the removal and replanting of one follicle at a time. A hair restoration process can leave minor scars. However, with the fue hair transplant, no scars will be left. With a hair restoration process in many cases there is downtime, the head may feel sore and achy.

FUE Hair Restoration Effects

Also, with a hair restoration process there can be complications during the procedure. However with fue hair restoration there is practically no downtime and complications are rare. A air restoration process can change a person’s life. Let’s face it, it can be helpful in the working world, socially and personally. Many people who have under gone a hair restoration process, express that their self-esteem is gone up.

Before deciding to take a surgical leap and make an investment in your hair, ask about the costs. The costs may vary from procedure to procedure. Also, be sure to discuss any at home care treatments that will need to be done, after the surgery. Should certain ointments be applied? Should you lie a certain way while sleeping etc? But other then that, have fun and enjoy your new look!